Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day Eight : Days in a wannabe punk life

- Last time when I was in secondary school I used to join a group name Punk. Punk is one of the most dangerous groups which they do the bad things. Most punkers are against "Selling out", the act of giving into main stream things, such as buying high priced clothes or being "trendy". The traditional punkers wore 501 Levis or tight plad pants known as bondage trousers and usually wear band t-shirts or beaters and leather jackets as well. Most of them are wearing army boots and also have their hair in some sort of spike form, be it "Plain spikes", a 'hawk or liberty spikes, although the hair can be anything, these are the most popular. Punkers are also people who listen to, and live for punk rock. (Ad populum appeal to tradition) Plus I even can remember some of Punk song which is called "Symbol of Hope”, No Problem" by Darryl Richardson and "Never Scared" by Clifford Harris. This is because my big brother is one of the gang and he has many followers in this gang. So I decided to join this group to so that I have many followers and back up same as him without know the reason. (Ad populum appeal to common practice) Now, I realize there is nothing to do with this group and after all, wasn’t I jumping to conclusion? Isn’t life all about giving chance to people?

- Whoever chooses to follow the right path, follows it but for his own good; and whoever goes astray, goes but astray to his own hurt; and no bearer of burdens shall be made to bear another’s burden.

Day Eight

11 a.m

- I finally finished my critical thinking assignment. I'm quite happy about it and I wish I could get full mark for this assignment. Before i send my work to Mr Nicky, I do some final checking with good friend of mine which is Alan. While checking my assignment,I found that there is a mistake that I done. So, I do some correction it to make it better. Alan said that during his time taking this subject, it was assigned to make his own creativity diaries using hand writing, while when it was my turn to take this subject, I only have to sit in front of the computer typing my diaries in the blog. It's lucky for me by not taking this subject earlier as him.
(comparative relationship)

- Today I'm doing my daily routine, going to class prepare for the final exam. Suddenly my mother call me and she told me about the preparation of Hari Raya soon. My head starting to think about shopping ..=) I like it!! but I have one problem running in my mind which is, Whether I buy an already made Baju melayu or as someone to sew for me .. uhm .. What is our color theme this year?
Me and my brother, who are also studying in multimedia University, together both of us think.. We using (The Force-Fitting game) to figure out and idea for Hari raya soon.. Both of us thinks what color that our parent likes .. Comparing cloth in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman with our purpose.. nice and tiring

In week 11, I am going to do something that really challenging my mind (Creative Assignment really hard when you do not have an idea..). And I receive that Job today on Wednesday

Ym is the most popular communication device, everyone knows yahoo messenger.
At the middle of a night I had chatting with my friend, talking about our assignment. oh ya, I forgot about financial derivatives, we need to find an article about bursa Malaysia crude palm oil. Suddenly my friends, talk about the girl that he admire. hurmm. It's out of topic. I know that girl was hot but ehm.. You know like girls talk , boys have their talk too.
(The red herring)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day Seven

11 a.m

- The star Online..
Major Health screening for commercial vehicle drivers.
PUTRAJAYA : Commercial vehicle drivers will be tested for drugs
- problem that leads to text above increasing of bus in accidents.
- Government choose steps above one of the solutions.
(Possible Solution)

4 p.m

- This evening. I've got a quiz for my strategic management subject. Actually, I don't really prepare for the test. So, i wish i should just go to take the quiz and hope that i could answer the question given. Luckily, my friend help me on teaching me the diagram of The Five-Forces Model of Competition. If she didn't help me, then I'm sure my mark for this quiz will be low than i expected.
(conditional statement)

9 a.m

- tonight i make some revision for my critical thinking subject. This is because my friend said there will be many fallacy question in final exam. I concentrate more on fallacy topic because there is a lot term i have to remember. To make everything easy, I made a mind-mapping on Ad Fallacy Topic.

fallacy Identification

Ad hominem
- Tu quoque
- abusive
- circumstantial

Ad populum
- force (scare tactic)
- pity
- shame
- vanity (apple polish)
- authority
- indirect consequence
- false dilemma
- spite
- peer group

Begging the question
- petitio principles
- burden of proof

Fallacy generalization
- hasty generalization
- argumentum a silentio
- reductio ad absurdum
- post hoc
- sweeping generalization

Prejudicial Language
- up player
- down
- loaded ??
- proof substitute

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Six

10 a.m

- This morning, I'm going to clinic because my stomach didn't feel very good. i had this stomach ache since yesterday. I was very tired and did not attend my class and quiz (BCT 1024) in the afternoon. So, I decided not going to the class.
(Valid Argument)
In the clinic , i waited for about 2 hours to see the doctor. finally, it was my turn. I'm shocked to see a female doctor in the room. i heard that a female doctor will be very strict and not so friendly with the patient.
(Argumentum a silentio)
After having a few words with her, I realize that I'm wrong. The doctor was so friendly. After she checked my stomach and she asked me a few questions, she finally gave me medicine and advise me not to drink any carbonated drinks. Now, I can see that the doctor is a very kind-hearted person. (Assumption)
As a result, not all female doctors are strict and not friendly to the patient. We cannot judge a person by his/her gender.

6.45 a.m

- This evening, I went to meet my brother at his house. When i arrived, i can see that he is still sleeping. At that moment, i try to wake-him up, but he refused. I tried several times, but he still refused. I'm very hungry and really want him to accompany me to have my breakfast. Lastly i whisper to him that I'm really tired to wake him up with a sad face.
(Ad populum appeal to pity)

10 p.m

- At night, i have to finished my work nest morning. If i can't finished it, I'll be able to sleep early. But there is a lot of work I have to do and I think i can't finished it. So, I can't sleep early tonight.
(Denying the Antecedent)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day Five

10 a.m

- Today, i borrow a magazine from Iqbal's to review a perfect picture for my assignment. The picture shows a couple who just get married and there are so happy about it. Before they get married they have to organized everything, such as :

(1) Which suit or dress to wear?
(2) Which wedding cake to buy?
(3) What kind of gift for the guest?
(4) What kind of food provided during the wedding ceremony?
(5) Place where the wedding ceremony will be held ?
(Interrogative Question)

After decided all that, wedding ceremony will be held and the couple will be declarative as husband and wife. The husband and wife then will be off to honeymoon for a few weeks. Soon, they will having their own child and will raise them happily,
(Unknown Biography)

7.30 p.m

- I want to tell you my story, that happened in Old Town Cafe at Prima Avenue. I ordered Teh Tarik and Fried Kuew Teow for my breakfast meal. After 10 minutes, my food and drink arrived. since my Teh Tarik is too hot and I can't even drink it, I asked for a cup of ice. Sadly, the waiter didn't deliver my ice to me and i quickly go to the kitchen and ask for the ice but a worker in the kitchen lied to me by tell me
that there are no more ice in the kitchen. I surrender and go back to my sit with sad face but suddenly i saw another waiter sending few glasses of iced drinks to other table. And now, I felt very angry because the person in the kitchen lied to me."by saying there is no more ice".
Once again, i go back to the kitchen and point my finger at the glass of ice drinks and asked him "why does that guy have a cup of ice but i didn't?"
(Interrogative Questions)
"You said there is no more ice , but this is a glass of iced drink"
"Better you give me a glass of ice before I complaint to your boss !"
I shouted at him.
(Ad Populum appeal to force/scare tactics)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day Four

11 a.m

- Today I woke up very early. This is because I'm going to watch football match. The match taking place at Stadium Majlis Pembandaran Petaling Jaya, MPPJ. Two of my friends are playing in this team and it is the the final match for the team RMC. Actually RMC is Royal Military College
(Lexical Definations)
RMC are playing against Victoria Institution (VI) football club. Before the match started, the leader of RMC team will sing their school song followed by the other player. This is a tradition that they will sing their school song before the match begins.
(Ad Populum appeal to Tradition)
Sadly, RMC lost 5-3 due to penalty kick.

- Today's date is 31th August 2008. Sharp at 12.00a.m 30th August 2008, Malaysia our beloved country will celebrate its 51'st Independence Day. August 31, marks the nation's national day which is celebrated in Kuala Lumpur at the Dataran Merdeka or Merdeka Square situated in front of the Royal Selangor Club. Thousands of spectators converge on the city to watch the flying colours of parade along the streets of the city and performances held at the Merdeka Square (Metaphor). However, the celebrations are also rotated among other states.
In 1956, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj led a delegation to London to hold talks with the British Government concerning independence for Malaya. The Malayan delegation, comprising of four representatives of the Malay Rulers and four Alliance representatives, convinced the British Government to set a date for independence: 31st August 1957.

3 a.m

- That night/morning i kept thinking about the ending of the novel "KAMI" . I think that Sasha's mother will so upset and crying all day long thinking about her daughter and When she arrived home, her mother will probably scold her and act like a mad person. She will run away from home that night. Raining and lightening didn't stop her and she didn't think about other anymore. Suddenly, there was a lorry moving very fast from behind. The lorry driver can't see her because of the raining dark night. The lorry hit her and sadly, she died at that place. There will be no sasha's character anymore in this novel after this. Her mother regrets for her whole life and finally became a crazy women.
(An even sadder ending)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day Three

- Last night, I had the most amazing dream! in my dream , i went to Holland. It was very beautiful scenery and a lot of beautiful girl. All night long, it felt very fresh and comfortable. In my dreams I ran to the girl and have a talk with her and she smell very good. When i woke up this morning, i realize that , the smell came from my electric air freshener. I found it is so hard to believe that it is not real.

2.30 p.m

- This evening, (1) I went to an open house at my friend's house place at Lavender height garden, Seremban. (2) His name is Affy. (3)He invited me and few more friend's to his house because (4) his going to further his study in California , united state and (5) after this it is hard for us to hang out together again.(6)Furthermore, we rarely met each other before. (7)Therefore, it is important for me to be at his place and participating in his event.


3 ---- 7 ---- 6

------ 1 ------

- Since i can't do the arrow. So, let me explain - that number 4 and 5 is the supporting statment that support number 3. Number 3,7 and 6 is the premises that support conclusion number 1
(Arrow diagrams)

11 p.m

- After that, we went to Cynna Bar at Herritage Road in Kuala Lumpur. Today is my bestfriend's birthday, Abu Farhan and he thrown a party there. When, I arrived I can see that the place is so crowded just like night market somewhere in Kajang

- Everybody busy dancing' and moving their body to the music. But to tell you the truth, i don't really know how to dance and didn't dance at all that night. After few hours we went out from the bar. While waiting for "JOCKEY" , to take our car, i saw 'Maknyah' with 3 friends along the road. Actually, 'Maknyah' is a male transform to be a female by doing some make-up or surgery.
(Lexical Definition)
- After 15 minutes, the car arrived and we all go back to cyberjaya